Classic Returns

Get the most out of it.

Feel the Classic 2002~2008.

Server Features
The server starts at Episode 5.0 - Juno , Alternate Jobs are available which is 2-2. But soon Super novice will be available. And eventually the server episode is running episode until Episode 13.2 so we will update you guys episode by episode.
The max level of our server right now is 99/50 and max stats is 99, The safe refine here is +4 for armors and +7 for level 1 and 2 weapons. The server is more on official settings of the previous pRO Server in the Philippines!
However, Boss cards and mini boss cards are currently disabled to balance the gameplay and on this episode of our server, Combo items bonus effect are not available, so this is a pure classic gaming experience to all of you guys.
There will be no PK on any map like boss or hunting grounds. PvP are in official settings, so go inside the inn and talk to the pvp gatekeeper. Maps here are also classic, missed the old payon town? we have it here and the old morroc town.
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