Android Platform
Ragnarok Classic
will can be played thru Android Mobile Device!
Download the APK below and install it on your Android Phone/Tablet.

  1. Playable in android phones/tablets but only for farming.
  2. Slightly playable on PVP but it is hard to play pvp.
  3. Other PC Features not available
  4. There is no Special effects playing in mobile, such as skills and other visual effects.
  5. Falcon is not visible in mobile.
  6. Not downloading all the required files makes your game slow.
  7. Changing job class quest is hard specially for hunters and assassins because of the monster target.
  1. You can play anywhere if you have an internet connection / data connection.
  2. You can access your character play using your data or wifi.
  3. Download all required files and you will have a smooth gameplay.
  4. You can vend and leave afk for points.
  5. Lastly, yeah you can play ragnarok on mobile, same graphics in pc.

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