Please see the final Rules and Mechanics below.

🥋Rules and Mechanics:
- Only unique guild name is allowed to register (No same name, no extensions, no mbk guild).
- Minimum of 30 active members only.
- Off Emblem and Changing Registered Emblem during the war will deduct your guild 1 point.
- No alliance inside the castle, the guilds who caught allying with each other will be deducted 2 points.
- Only registered emblem is allowed to used while War of Emperium is in session.
- Castles will be reset before the War of Emperium session starts.
- The guilds who conquered the open castles will received corresponding points at the end of the War of Emperium session.
- If for instance we have a tie in score, We will be having a tie breaker which is 46 vs 46 who ever wins will get 1 point.
- The guild who have the highest points will be crowned as our Agit Lords: Season 1.

❗️Agit Lord Tie Rule:
46 vs 46
-GvG settings
-No NPC Buffs

- 2 points for LOW TIER CASTLE (FE CASTLE).
- 3 points for HIGH TIER CASTLE (SE CASTLE).
- 1 point deduction for every absent guild.
- If your guild is in the top 1 position in scoring, and have not got a castle you will be deducted 2 points.
- If a guild conquered more than 1 castle, We will credit only 1 castle point (this is for every session of War of Emperium).

🌟Castle Schedule:
Wednesday (4PM - 6PM) - schg_cas03 (Vidblainn)
Wednesday (9PM - 11PM) - gefg_cas02 (Eeyorbriggar), aldeg_cas05 (Rothenburg)
Saturday (4PM - 6PM) - payg_cas05 (Bamboo Groove Hill), prtg_cas05 (Gondul)
Saturday (9PM - 11PM) - schg_cas02 (Andlangr)

🤑Total of 50,000 PHP
Prize Pool Distribution:
- Champion: 25, 000.00
- 1st Runner Up: 15, 000.00
- 2nd Runner Up: 10, 000.00

Guild of the Month: Season 1 (July 2020)

- The top 5 guild with the highest points will secured a upper bracket spot for GOTM